Saying that Attention to Detailing is a high-end car valet service doesn’t really do them justice. Car detailing takes this service and gets obsessive! In a nutshell, they take luxury cars and commercial vehicles and clean everything, right down to the hinges, engine, and paintwork repair. Back to near showroom condition.

If you have an lovely motor and want to keep it looking amazing, these are the guys for you!


Rob is typical of many small business owners who want to improve their web presence. He knows that they “need a video” but does not know where to go from there.

We had a long conversation over Skype and we talked about the business and how he came to set it up. I was impressed with his passion for getting a car spotlessly clean. It just shone through!  He talked about his car detailing studio and the mobile detailing part of the business too.

So we planned to use that passion for his business, and our conversation, as the basis for the website video production.


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Using our Skype chat as a guide, we spent a while having an informal chat about his business. This helped to capture some of that passion for car detailing and explain both the studio and mobile car detailing services.

The final video production weaved those elements together. Plus we animated their logo at the end.