I don’t know about you, but our town is teeming with dog walkers.

What Go Walkies do is take the dog walking service to a new level and dogs love it!!


Mike Stanford had invested a lot of time and energy in creating “dog camp“! This was a safe and secure area for dogs to use their natural behaviour to play and explore. This also included a lovely wooded area. No other dog walker had access to this lovely piece of Hampshire countryside and Mike wanted to promote this service to dog owners.


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We spent time at the Go Walkies dog camp. We had great fun filming Mike, his team and the dogs at play. We also filmed around the woodland area and the various stop en-route which were specifically designed to engage the dogs in exploring and to engage in some behavioural training.

Mike did not want to appear in his outdoor dog walking clothes throughout the video. He booked some time to pop into the studio. This meant we could see him with the dogs at dog camp, but also see a more professional businessman talking about this wonderful service he had put together.