Oakley and Overton Partnership is an NHS GP practice with two surgeries in the villages of Oakley and Overton.


The perception among new residents is that it can be a complex process to transfer over to their local GP. It’s a task that tends to be put off until they actually need to visit. Then they can experience a delay in accessing services while they sign up.

The task of the video was to show the clear and straightforward process of signing up to the surgery.


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In the end, we split the videos into three to help keep the message of each one as clear as possible.

This video shows the process of signing up to the surgery with help from the members of staff who gave up their lunch break to take part. With Doctor’s time so precious, we booked time in the studio for Doctor Lindsay to come into the studio and read the autocue. She was able to drive up, walk to her mark, deliver her lines and was back out again.

You can see the others by clicking the links below.

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