Stephen Bath is an entrepreneur and a member of the Bath family who founded the successful Bath Travel business. He was involved in chartering Concorde 44 times for their subsidiary airline Palm Air.


He had taken ownership of a private jet, once owned by the Guinness family, that had come to the end of its useful life. Having spent a lifetime in the aviation and travel industry, he knew that an aircraft like this can still be useful in many other ways. He wanted to spell these out while we shot footage of the exterior and interior of the craft.


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It was a very cold and windy day in Bournemouth airport. We were all wearing thick fluorescent coats. Not the best look for a video. So we took the voice-over approach. Chatted to Stephen in the warmth of the cabin and shot the footage of the interior and exterior. Blended with the appropriate music, we achieved a nice sleek video to showcase this aircraft.