Darren’s 30 year career spans:

  • Video shooting and postproduction. For national and local businesses.
  • Professional photography (Weddings, corporate and studio portrait shoots).
  • Radio presentation and talent management. Working for some of the leading commercial radio groups of the time.

All these skills come together to create our video production company wideo.co.uk. Darren has a keen eye, ear and creative mind to tell succinct, high quality videos that tell your story.

You can chat to him directly by filling out the form opposite. Get the conversation going by telling him about your business and what kind of video you need making.


When we need an extra pair of hands we call Chris.

His background is in photography and will use his keen eye for composition and detail to ensure everything looks just right on a busy website video shoot.

He acts as a secondary camera operator, boom sound recordist and assists with setting up equipment and lighting.